Health is literally within reach if you touch these designated areas

The ProiezionidiBorsa editorial team has addressed the importance of health thinking in this precedent Article. Today he returns to the topic, but this time, it deepens the reflections practiced by pressing some specific points in the hand. This is why health is literally within reach if you touch these specific areas.


Fans of this practice have been trying to confirm its validity for several years. Traditional medicine is still hesitant to talk a lot about how this method works, but the benefits derived from this practice appear to be lacking.

As with the whole body, the hand also has nerve branches connected to the rest of the body. In a nutshell, the pressure of some specific points on the hand appears to be able to affect the health of the rest of the body and solve recurring problems.

Hand-body relationship

Thanks to reflexology, health is literally within reach if you touch these specific areas. The finger phalanx, just to give an example, appears to be related to the area of ​​the ears; So, there is also a connection between the area under the index and the arms. The center of the hand will affect the diaphragm, and directly below the connection to the liver.

The attachment is attached to the hand from the lateral wrist area. Phalanges control the eyes and phalanges control the teeth; The arc between the thumb and forefinger indicates that the esophagus, throat, and thumb are controlling the nose instead. But what problems does reflexology seem to be able to solve?

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The first recurring problem that reflexology appears to be able to solve is insomnia. You should press on the central part of the thumb, trying to feel a stinging sensation. Once the exact point is identified, press with the nail on the other hand for about 5 seconds.

Then leave it on for another 3 seconds and repeat the cycle for a few minutes. We recommend repeating the movement several times throughout the day, on both thumbs of both hands.

Breathing problems

Another problem that reflexology appears to address is congestion and cold. The thumb plays here, too, although each finger has some effect on nose problems.

We recommend grasping the thumb with the fingers of the other hand and applying light pressure, starting from the base all the way to the tip, then back down. The movement should be rotational, a kind of right and left pressure. Repeat for a few minutes.

Digestive problems

For those who suffer from constipation or flatulence, reflexology has a solution: It is possible to work on the lower area of ​​the hand. It is essential to stimulate the palm of the hand, perhaps by rotating the thumb of the other hand in this area. We also recommend that you hold a ball in your hands and roll it slightly, while applying pressure to the palm area.

More clarifications

Health is literally within your reach if you touch these delicate areas connected to other parts of the body. There are many, so the advice is to entrust your health in the hands of competent and professional people in this sector.

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These therapies represent the first attempt to address this practice, as it will be necessary to personally test the results. We define that there is currently no precise regulation, although the validity of the profession of a reflexologist is quite in line with the constitution And civil law. Detailed discipline still awaits.

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