Health Informed Choices, the course that teaches children to think scientifically about medicine –

Cardiologists Camila Alderighi and Rafael Razzwini have launched a course to explain to children how important it is to rely on scientific evidence and evidence in health-related decisions.

no fax, pooh fax (The term “launched” by Massimo Gramellini), and the pro vax, or those in opposition, are hesitant and in favor of Covid19 vaccines. This is the way The population is divided at this time towards the serum.

However, if everyone used scientific critical thinking, the approach would be quite different. They are convinced of that Camila Alderigh and Rafael RazzuiniDoctors and founders of the research project “Healthy Thoughtful Choices”“Informed decisions on health” arrived in Italy in 2020, which was created with the aim of studying and transmitting the scientific method, especially applied to health. In essence, it is a course to teach critical thinking in Italy, starting with primary schools.

Alderighi and Rasoini, both cardiologists, began teaching critical thinking in medicine to children at the Istituto Comprensivo Poliziano in Florence. The course is set to spread to other schools in Italy, due to the adhesion and success it has enjoyed among teachers who have become familiar with it (in September the course will be held online: to join, you can email [email protected] with reference to the “Informed Health” project Options”)

Teaching is based on the methodological tool of medicine based on scientific evidence, “Evidence-Based Medicine”: “In other words – explains Dr. Effective and safe, therefore it is possible for patients.In medicine – the cardiologist indicates – The last word is the evidence, not the expert opinionThe children we teach the rules of the scientific method understand these concepts well. When we started, in January 2020, we were still present and were able to offer seven lessons, the most important of which, while we studied the last three at Abi. Well, we realized that at the end of the course, in June, the children had made the topic their own that when we reported on many examples of different kinds of studies on health remedies, they were able to explain which one was valid and not for medicine. For example, after the shutdown, we asked them if they thought a study of twenty-six patients, as in the case of hydroxychloroquine, was valid by health science standards, and on the other hand if cortisone was. Their answers almost surprised us with the methodological clarity and explanation with which they confronted the questions.”

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So the equation is clear even for children: for a treatment to be prescribed, it must be based on clear evidence showing its effectiveness, and for these tests to be considered valid, one requirement, along with others, is that they cannot be. Based on a study of a small number of patients. Moreover, the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of any treatment cannot depend on whether it is new or expensive. These are the criteria by which the choice of health care prescription is independent.

Teaching is done this way interactive With children in the classroom, whose teaching materials consist of comic book A text for exercises.

It is a teaching that comes from afar, from the founder of the scientific method Rene Descartes, our Descartes. Why – at least in part – have we forgotten it? It will surely remind us of the children, who we will have a lot to learn in the future.

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