Health, defunct garrison. “Terrestrial medicine is back”

Called by M5S consultant Vincenzo Ciampi who participated in a fast-paced rally in the morning


This morning I participated in front of ASL Montoro in an initiative to advocate for public health and sanitation in the region.

Garrison worked to highlight delays in politics in a key sector such as health.

I am outraged that even in the face of the work of the Executive Board and the Regional Council there is hardly any concrete action subsequent. From an absolute lack of assistance in the autism sector, to regional medicine with the scandal of regions lacking family doctors who have not been replaced, until clinics dismantled. And I cannot forget the startling story of the temporary workers for whom no reference to the council’s address has been applied to them, which mandates managers to commit to entering into 36-month contracts.

Aside from the story of the emergency room at Solofra Hospital, the wards are closed in that garrison. How dramatic is the stalemate in the region’s plans in the face of massive funding?

These are issues related to people’s lives that should shake us. In a difficult moment like the pandemic emergency, managers continued to cut investments and close departments, to announce competitions as if they were in a normal situation.

I have asked the President of the Regional Council many questions about these issues, and I am waiting for answers to many of them.

I thank the organizers who wanted to invite me, in front of these issues, as a regional consultant, and a member of the Health Committee, I have been involved with me since the beginning of the Legislative Council, I feel first and foremost that I am close to families and workers. There is no battle to be fought over health under this or that political color. You have to deal with your own conscience

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