‘Health and safety at risk’

Area proposal regarding Bunkley Prison.

5 Star Movement advisor Desirè Manca made a proposal in which each The criticalities appeared during an inspection Done by the House Justice Committee Chair, Mario Pirantoni, inBankley Prison.

According to regional guidelines, inmates with mental illnesses are entitled to use these medicationsPsychiatric service for forty hours a week. Unfortunately, currently, the number of hours actually offered, on the other hand, is Deviates significantly from that indicated From the region. Suffice it to say that at Bunkley Prison the hours were worked by psychiatrists In 2018 it was eighteen, and in 2020 only six. A problem that particularly affects about forty inmates in Sassari Prison.

But the lack of specialist assistance – M5s Desiree Manka (M5s) asserts – is not the only problem we face in Sassari prison. In fact, it just sounds more dangerous and alarming Failure to activate mental health protection departments and hospital detention departments In hospitals, especially those in Torian, with what especially imaginable Worrying consequences for protecting security and public order“.

Manka first signature proposal obliges President Solinas, the Council, and the Health Counselor Nieddu to adopt all necessary measures to ensure the revitalization of mental health protection departments and hospital detention departments, andCorrect application of regional guidelines On prison health.

“The district has a duty to guarantee The right to health, even for prisoners The advisor continues – at the same time, to ensure that everyone working in prisons can do so in complete safety. In this regard, there were many reports and reminders from the supervisory authority and the provinces, however, We don’t know that any measures have been taken It aims to address this serious shortage, neither on the part of the region nor on the part of TS. “

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“Also, given the fact that there are prisoners in our area Of the Higher Security Departments and 41 bisIt is clear that the absence of adequate care and adequate health, psychological and psychological assistance inevitably involves risksSafety of prisoners themselves and prison personnel. Risks – Desiree Mancha concludes – cannot continue to be ignored. “

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