“He weighs 130 kg and drinks a liter of vodka per day”

Russian President Vladimir put it in He seems to be lacking in senior positions in the military. At least that’s what’s starting to leak from the front. The last to summon the trenches was General Pavel, a veteran of theAfghanistan The retired who will lead the Russian forces inUkraine After the current commander was seriously wounded by the Ukrainian bombing. General Pavel appears to weigh around 130 kilograms and some have mistaken him for Czech General Peter Pavel.

007 GB: Putin “scrapes the barrel”

British intelligence source, Daily Star Quotes, he said, that Putin was “getting rid of the barrel” by calling “a fat general, who eats five times a day, and waters everything with at least a liter of vodka.” “Most of his experienced officers were killed or wounded in Ukraine, so he resorted to second-class personnel who will not last long,” the source added. “Putin is like a mafia boss no one can refuse to obey – he continued – if a retired general received a message from Putin saying that Mother Russia needs you to fight in Ukraine, there is not much you can do. Do. Now there is an escape from Russia thanks to sanctions ».

Who is General Pavel?

General Pavel was a soldier for more than 40 years and became the commander of the Russian special forces, but 25 years ago he was younger and in better shape. He is said to have served in Syria shortly before retiring from active duty five years ago. Until recently, he lived in a Moscow suburb, but it is known that last month he received orders to return to active duty.

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