“He was really a doctor, born with a lab coat.”

When he grew up he wanted to be a gastroenterologist but Manfredi Saja, a young man from Palermo He died in a car accident in SeptemberHe was already a doctor. Despite his 29-year-old and his lost graduation a mile from the end due to a tragic fate, he has worn the dress from birth. Because you need nicknames to be a doctor, it’s true, but so do things and the heart. For this reason, the university decided to award him the honor of “university merit.” Because as a simple medical student, Manfredi had already made himself noticed with his always polite and attentive manner, with remarkable intuition. Qualities are essential but not apparent to those who choose this path.

So in the hall of Maurizio Ascoli in Policlinico, the ceremony that bestowed the title was celebrated. “He was going to graduate on this course, he was one step away from the finish line. The medical community – he says.” Palermo Mother Patrizia Le Verso – Too Old. For this reason, the coordinator of the degree course in medicine and surgery, Giuseppe Galina, and Professor Antonio Caruccio, the supervisor of the Manfredi degree thesis, wanted to reaffirm their solidarity with our family. Give these guys some appreciation (Gabriel de Liberto was also honoredAnother medical student died prematurely Ed) For their work, study and commitment.

A terrible fate shattered a life but also a dream. “Unfortunately, over the years there have been different cases like that of my son or Gabriel de Liberto, but also many others. Manfredi – continues his mother – has already prepared his score thesis, an experimental thesis on kidney ultrasound., Professor Caruccio, was affected” On the same day that the accident happened, Manfredi took his last test with Professor Galina. He brought the topic of “sense organs” home with 28. It is a tragedy that not only shakes our family but the entire scientific community. ”

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Manfredi was born to be a doctor. “And this is not just the opinion of the mother. Professor Caruccio, who remembers this, tells how Manfredi in a certain way – explains Patrizia – was born to wear a gown. He appreciated the clinical approach, the necessary intuition of a Doctor. My son had all of this. And then they all remembered how he was.” A decent boy, with an extraordinary education and manners. I say it as a mother but it is a combination of all the things I’ve heard my son say.

Sacrifice and self-denial were constant in his life. “I come from a family of doctors. I was happy – this mom concludes – that he continued this kind of studies. When he started internships and reached out to patients, he was really excited. For him, medicine was not just the study of memory, it was not just a deepening. It was rather communicating with the patient. ” Now the memory of Manfredi, a lover of the environment, nature and the sea, passes from a tree planted in the healthy garden of Foro Italico where the planting was done in his memory with the approval of the botanical garden. But also from a multi-purpose youth room in the Congo, where the Saja family donated. A way to keep him alive, not to forget the doctor who he could have been but who he really was.

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