He was interrogated for a ridiculous reason

The decision is already official. Netflix has been summoned by a South Korean entity for a rather unusual reason

The streaming platform has been called into question for an unusual reason (Getty Images)

The ones he goes through are very important days Netflix. Since the launch of the new TV series squid game Talk about anything else. The traffic that Reed Hastings gets has very little precedent, and most likely it will soon break the record The most watched show ever.

The unexpected success of a new TV phenomenon Hwang Dong Hyuk. Numbers so high that they greatly burden network traffic. So much so that the South Korean institution SK Broadband Netflix raised questions.

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Netflix is ​​being called into question by too much traffic because of Squid Game

A Korean provider has sued Netflix for too much data caused by Squid Game (YouTube screenshot)

global phenomenon that squid game, large enough to overload network traffic. Since September 17, the day of the official release, the already massive use of Internet connections has recorded an unprecedented peak, resulting in unsustainable costs for the telecommunications company in Seoul SK Broadband. The problem will be mainly related to the maintenance of the technical infrastructure necessary for High speed internet data transfer.

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Precisely for this reason, the Korean provider believes that costs should be incurred Also by multinational companies. Also according to reports from Sk Broadband, in the past three years, Netflix has recorded an increase of 1,150 Gbps, with management costs affecting the 22 million euros Only in 2020 in South Korea.

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