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He wants to reach his brother in Australia but they ask her for money, they are arrested and he is 24 years old

Investigations by the carabinieri. The story of a young woman who arrived at Samnium after escaping from Kabul


She managed to escape from Kabul as the Taliban entered the city again. Her only goal was to get to her brother in Australia, but in Italy, and in particular at a reception center in Paupisi in Sanyo, she found someone asking her for money to resume the journey to the oceanic continent. These are the features of the story of emigration and desperation with which a 24-year-old Afghani grapples with. A sad story, however, led to the police arresting a 24-year-old Afghani on charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

It all started when the 24-year-old Afghan woman, a guest at the SPRAR reception center in Paupisi, told the operator of the facility that she had handed over money to be able to join her brother in Australia. Hence the investigations by the soldiers of the Paupisi station, the operational nucleus and the radiomobil, which allowed the identification of the young man.

The woman who had boarded at Hamid Karzai Airport (Kabul), during the riots over the withdrawal of US forces, had asked for help from some of her compatriots to leave the country and join her brother in Australia, who was also a fugitive. From Kabul, he paid the initial €2,000 to get to Italy, and then was asked for another €5,000 to complete the reunification.

A desperate story about a young Afghan woman later found by the military who, during a search of the suspect’s presence, found a portion of the money and a picture of the woman. At the end of the investigation, the 24-year-old was arrested and taken to a prison in Benevento.

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