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Drama at a zoo in Indonesia: Orangutans – It is believed to be a female – He took a man by the shirt and tried to drag him into his cage. Then, unable to hold his fist well, I grabbed his leg. All while the poor visitor’s friend was trying to help him. At one point, the animal’s grip was so strong that the hapless friend was driven away, while the victim was raised from the ground, even if only for a few seconds. A move that almost threatened to break the man’s leg.

It is not known at what moment this video was filmed. But after its release, the footage immediately went viral. It is also not known whether the man sustained any injuries after the attack. In any case, according to some experts, a monkey can easily cause harm to a man. The visitor, however, was also quite a lot Swipe for getting too close to the animal cage.

According to experts, as reported Mirroralmost orangutan Seven times stronger than humans They are able to lift three times their weight as well thanks to their long, muscular arms. At present, there are only about 50,000 orangutans in Indonesia. Few also due to the destruction of a large part of the forest.

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