He stopped playing esports and PC game rooms after an offer by an ADM entrepreneur. Were they all irregular?

All the esports arcades From Italy and those where PC games are available without specific permission fromCustoms and Monopolies Agency Suspend all activities.

That’s what’s happening in these hours and why the esports community is on the move across the country. In the past few hours, all Italian gaming arcades with various technological equipment, from computers to home consoles, have announced that they can continue their business only with the bar service, where they are provided, and any other services: but not the game.

all of this Happening after a video game entertainment entrepreneur From the type of coin filed a complaint with the state monopolies to invite the regulator to clarify which buildings have been identified “Digital Amusement Parks”where various fun activities can be done without monetary gain, using entertainment devices that do not require codes, which is why they decided not to ask for any permit.

In fact, ADM is responsible for issuing permits To play gaming equipment, even when there is no cash prize.

Sergio Melicithe CEO of the company that operates the amusement machines, simply asked to know where the equipment comes from the games used in rooms frequented by esports players, or are not obligated to request the same passes provided for table football, pinball machines, or any other video game located in a public place.

The strange thing is that structures like the eSport Palace, one of the most famous structures in Bergamo and It belongs to AK INFORMATICA unnoticed by those responsible for the controls. In the past few hours, in fact, the company Post on Instagram A story that tells what is happening now, and explains how it is happening Intervention of the Customs and Monopoly Agency Which would have forced them to close.

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as expected mr. Melisi, who exercised his right to information and simply documented the situation before everyone’s eyes (with some buildings occupying thousands of square metres), is now being slandered by a community of enthusiasts who have only partial knowledge of the facts.

The business of entertainment machines, including the entrepreneur in question, is to adapt to the applicable laws and laws which everyone should know. Even if we are interested in games. If not, and that is clearly not the case, since they have ceased their activity, the rooms they host computer games Authorized to do so, they can continue on their way safely. Other entrepreneurs, who are convinced of the quality of these options, will be able to transform their business into this type of structure. But the regulator is required to clarify.

For this reason, we now expect a fully clear position with an official document clarifying the subject. Avoid campaigns of accusations on social media against the contractor who exposed the situation.

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