He stole the source code for his games, in one of the biggest data thefts ever – Multiplayer.it

After GTA 6 case, we are facing another of the greatest case Data theft always: the Code source and working files for games valve It has been stolen and ends up on the internet. To be honest, the situation is completely out of control, so much so that we think it’s unlikely that Steam will ever be able to get it back.

The dynamics of the facts are not yet clear, but someone got into one of the company’s warehouses and pulled all the files there. We are talking about tens of gigabytes of data (62 for Team Fortress 2 only), which contains a lot of information about making games, as well as resources that were discarded during development.

Already in 2016 some data was stolen, but at that time the hole was closed immediately. Also, who doesn’t remember the sensational theft of Half-Life 2’s code? Who knows if Valve sponsor Gabe Newell will dust off his old knife for new hacks…

Among the stolen games, I lost Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Portal 2 because they are in different repositories.

Of course we will not give you the server link disagreement on which the files are distributed (which, moreover, have blocked access because they are full of requests). Whatever the case, it’s pretty clear that Valve has a security issue, as they sometimes have something stolen. In this state almost all of his games.

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