He loses control of his electric bike and dies from the bridge – Radio Più

Feltre When the Carabinieri arrived yesterday evening at 6 PM immediately along the road from Arson to Salgarda, unfortunately for Denis Bona, the 39-year-old from Feltre, there was nothing else to do. The man died of wounds sustained in the electric bike accident. Bad fall in the Villabrona area from the bridge over the Caorame stream, after a jump of about seven meters into the void. Health workers make sure that the man has died. The Carabinieri was summoned by a private citizen who observed the man’s body While heading towards Dardagnin Road. Family members have already noticed Bona’s absence and there has been a round of phone calls underway to see if anyone has seen him in town. Denis Bona, lived in Villabrona on Via Salgarda Vecchia. After graduating in management engineering, he worked abroad and at various companies in the region focusing on financial transactions, leaving his mother, sister Valentina, and father, Stefano, as county secretary for FIOM. The mountain bike has been taken over by the Carabinieri and will be subject to verification to identify any malfunction, also under observation the bridge fender in poor condition. (Photo by Corriere delle Albi)

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