“He just took a hit, go home,” he breaks instead. Misdiagnosis in the emergency room

Pordenone – «He only has a bump on his elbow. Go home and take a sedative for five days». This is how the DV was “liquidated” the other evening from Pordenone who went to the emergency room of the Santa Maria degli Angeli hospital. The woman fell into the house and violently hit her elbow on the ground. Since the pain did not go away, he decided to go to the emergency room. “At the end of the visit – she says – I felt reassured, even if my elbow continued to hurt badly. In fact, I had a suspicion because the doctor who examined me did not even allow me to take an x-ray, immediately ruling out a possible fracture.” Well it all ends well and for once even without waiting too long? Not even to dream because painkillers had no effect. Because? Because It wasn’t a hard jab to the elbow, but a real fractureThe radial head, the bone that allows for the elbow joint, is fractured.


But DV found out she had a fracture after only a few days as her elbow continued to ache like hell with every little movement. “Since the pain didn’t go away with any painkillers – story goes – and given the fact that my GP was on vacation, I decided to energize myself for a paid ultrasound and x-ray. The surprise was great when I read in the report: a fracture of the radial head ». at that point He didn’t feel like going back to the emergency room in Pordenone. «I went to the place in San Vito al Tagliamento where, after seeing x-rays and making a visit to the orthopedist, the fracture was confirmed and I was put in plaster. Commendable structure! They even called me to schedule an appointment to remove the splint. I should have called them instead.” But Pordenone’s hospital is back in sight. “But what I don’t understand,” he continues, “is like a doctor in the emergency room, after a quick visit I might define as a summary, without any x-rays or ultrasounds.” Ultrasound, he takes me out sure nothing is broken and prescribes painkillers for five days and then recommends a tendon ultrasound. Does he have x-ray vision? “

“The night I went to the emergency room, there were about 15 people waiting. I had already rested my heart, thinking, in fact, that I was going to have to wait several hours. Instead, once I entered the triage and received the green code, I was called inside after An hour at the latest The fact remains – it continues – that According to that doctor, I would not have had any fractures, but no in-depth examinations. I also have to say that when I arrived, I rang the bell for a long time to enter the emergency room, but no one answered me. Luckily two CRI operators saw me and opened the door for me, otherwise I would still be out there playing. third world things.

the situation
«What happened to me – continues DV – is the innumerable demonstration, if there is a need, of Nothing less than the disastrous situation in the emergency room of the Pordenone hospital». It is no coincidence that for a long time, in addition to the excessive influx of people, the shortage of doctors and nurses led to long waiting times – as in this case – dangers also for patients ». A situation that Asfo management has to address as soon as possible to provide answers to patients in a timely manner.”

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