He is the owner of the super personal image of the story. But is it really so?

Samantha Cristoforetti It is more and more the pride of Italians. After becoming the first Italian woman to fly outer spaceShe was also the first European woman to walk in space for seven hours. but now social him crazy Photograph From the selected space the most beautiful in history. But is it really so?

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Best selfie ever?

Italian astronautEuropean Space AgencyIt never stops breaking records. Its mission, which officially began last April 28 with the docking at the International Space Station, is in full swing and after one experiment and another. Astrosamantha He will also find time to give the world one of the Photograph The most beautiful thing in history.

The world of social media has two sides

From Twitter to me FacebookEveryone is crazy about selfies Samantha Cristoforetti. The astronaut was from space to perpetuate himself in Europe illuminated by the city lights behind him. Many Italians crown his shot as the most beautiful ever. ‘It’s cool’ wrote one user, urged by another: ‘With this photo Samantha Cristoforetti closes the question. superselfie Forever.” “This avatar is unbeatable, invent whatever you want,” third party. Then there’s who begins the challenge: You can only defeat him if there’s an alien by your side. And AstroSamantha’s record will likely remain safe for a few more years.

but the sefie from AstroSamantha, but is it really that? Or it was fake. On Facebook to support him, Massimo Kandochi recalls how a Japanese astronaut took the photo in 2012.”Remember Samantha Cristoforetti’s “Awesome Selfie”? Here… it was fake. It’s actually a self-portrait of Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshied during additional spacecraft activity on the International Space Station. The original photo was taken in 2012. Later, the photo was cut and pasted on a photo of Earth, also taken by the International Space Station. So, in short: – Samantha Cristoforetti has nothing to do with it – it’s actually a “spatial” selfie, but the original image has nothing to do with the image being processed. always wrongwrote on facebook.

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