He insults Tommaso Stanzani: He responds by dancing

Tommaso Stanzani on Instagram once again showed himself dancing sensually in a fun challenge with Gaia Zorzi, Tommaso’s sister. The dancer posted all the insulting comments she had received, she responded with the biggest passion: dancing.

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Tommaso Stanzani Instagram called it a fun challenge for Gaia Zorzi, Tommaso Zorzi’s sister. In fact, at this moment they are all together Holiday In the mountains there is no shortage of abundance! The dancer, Dressed in sweatpants and topless, indulge in a wild ride choreography While Tommaso Zorzi was lying in bed completely absorbed in his smartphone.

Meanwhile, Tommaso Stanzani He posted some stories about his sensual strides, enjoying himself in a gentle way. As usual, however, the haters I’m always on the lookout and this time too there was a lot of criticism of the dancer who, however, responded in his own way!

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Tommaso Stanzani: Insults on Instagram

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The dancer He posted one video of him dancing with a smile, superimposing all the comments received, from those on his body: “How does that happen? devoid of?”, For those with homophobia: “Gay Lacking talent.” In fact, many of them were the most prominent of how Tommaso Stanzani, Especially after leaving Amici 20, a negative change occurred: “Because you are mating with Tommaso GF, you can no longer dance!”.

heavy criticism Also in her way of dancing: “Always the same steps, but studying instead of focusing on gossip!” Looks like cubism.

The dancer He responded the most he liked, regardless of all the insults he received: with dance And with his smile. He too, like her boyfriend Tommaso Zorzi Unfortunately, he learned to deal with the haters who are always ready to attack the web. Tommaso Stanzani, However, he seems to have understood that the best way to respond is to show indifference and, in fact, keep smiling!

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