He hits Payton II and breaks his left elbow

Memphis (USA) – Game Two of Gary Payton II lasted less than three minutes: The Golden State Warriors basketball player actually got hit in the head by Dillon Brooks as he ran into the barbell and in an effort to protect himself while he ended up on the ground, he got a left elbow Broken, which, most likely, puts an end to his play-off matches. Incorrect gesture from the young striker of the Memphis Grizzlies, the blow that knocked out the opponent and led to a rampage in the Warriors’ seat. The expulsion came straight away but the danger now is much stiffer penalties as well as possible disqualification in Race 3.

Kerr angry at Brooks’ interference in Payton II

Golden State coach Steve Kerr already expressed his disappointment between the first and second quarters, “We’re not talking about physical play, but about a low blow, something sloppy.”And then the expulsion at the post-match press conference: “I don’t know if this kind of blow was intentional or not, I don’t care: I just know it was a dirty play. Basketball in the playoffs is more physical, of course, everyone wants to fight and fight for their team. But there is an unwritten code that follows it THE PLAYERS: No one would ever allow themselves to question a teammate’s season or even his career by hitting an opponent in the head while flying towards the iron.Gary is the man who fought on the court for six years searching for the right place in the NBA, finally found a home and should be That’s the best part of his life. No one is likely to hit him on the head and he’s about to reach for the iron and break his arm.”.

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