“He had doubts about the vaccine. He did it to the pupils.”

Prosecutor Giovanni Mossari has, at present, opened a manslaughter file against unknown persons, outstanding bond, in relation to the death of Stefania McCune, 51-year-old middle school teacher Salvo D’Acquisto from Cerveteri, who died a few days after running Serum AstraZeneca At the Red Cross Center and Parent 4 in Santa Severa. Also, after the complaint of his brother Luca through the lawyer Damiano Merita yesterday, the public prosecutor in Rome ordered the seizure, and this will be followed by the request for the exhumation of the woman’s body, which was kept in the Prima Porta deposit, where it was waiting to be cremated at the end. From the funeral that was celebrated last Saturday. A new autopsy will be performed to clarify if there is an association between the February 25 injection dose and the migraine series and the malaise that the woman experienced even the strongest night between March 6 and 7. The death occurred on March 9.

AstraZeneca, investigates suspected cases: from the Roma dentist and professor to the Lady of Naples

Luca, what happened to his sister that evening?
“We had to talk to designate new caregivers for our elderly and frail parents, and I’m out for work but we call each other every day. However, she told me on that Saturday that she was so tired with headaches, that she couldn’t even speak and that she wanted to sleep. Then she didn’t wake up. one more time “.

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This is?
“It was the next morning on a Sunday. Her partner and daughter didn’t notice that she was immediately in bed because my sister was resting a bit on Sundays. But after a while, my 8-year-old niece went to call my mom, but she didn’t wake up. Rescue was called in immediately. “I know that Stefania was taken to Gemelli Hospital with the rescue of the helicopter. When I learned that the helicopter had been activated, I realized it was a serious condition and rushed to Rome.”

Has your sister never recovered?
No. I went into a coma, the next Tuesday it was my turn to give my consent to disconnect the machine that kept her alive. Doctors told us it was a “massive venous thrombosis.” Grief has ruined us, my partner and other sister, the mediator – me the youngest – are devastated and trying to spend a bigger “Possible time with my niece. I am trying to fight the legal battle, without intending to blame anyone or discredit the vaccination campaign. As my lawyer also explained, we do not want to cause a fuss about the vaccinations, but only to understand why a healthy person like my sister dies.” .

Did Stefania want to be vaccinated? Do you have any doubts?
“When the school staff had the opportunity to get vaccinated, she called me right away. We discussed it a lot and I know that she also consulted with our cousin and other family members, and we have many doctors in the family. She was worried that the vaccine had not been tested enough. Then she agreed that it was not. It is still right to do so, as an act of responsibility not towards herself as much as towards her students she has been in contact with every day. I remember telling her: “You are not an engineer like me who works remotely, you are definitely more at risk of contagion.” To get rid of thought ».

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Did you also report your sister’s reactions to the Italian Medicines Agency?
“Yes and I did it on March 12th, before AstraZeneca’s suspension and above all, before Piedmont and Nas Carabinieri, if I’m not wrong on March 14th, the ABV5811 flask set has been seized, like my sister and music teacher who died in Biella.”

Anyone whose sister was?
“A woman who is passionate about life and its people. Stefania was also an athlete, being a ski champion when she was a girl. Above all, it was okay. Precisely because there were many doctors in the family, he often examined himself. Nothing indicates a similar drama. The rest of our family lives in Castelli Romani, and they have moved to Marina di Cerveteri, near the school. He loved educating his children, especially his daughter, to whom he devoted himself completely for eight years. ”

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