He finds it under his land: a silent farmer!

A farmer made a discovery of enormous scientific value. The astonishment of all who came was enormous. Like something that came out of its soil.

Woolly mammoth discovered by a farmer (photo from YouTube screenshot) –

On his land is a farmer He worked as usual, as he had done all his life, between sweat and weariness, as country life supposes it. And there are still those who love to be in close touch with nature and derive so much good from it that they can bring to the table. But this farmer’s day on his land has changed unexpectedly. All thanks to a discovery that no one – himself – thought possible.

Indeed, while digging on his property, something extraordinary came to light. Something is a legacy from a very distant past. And, in fact, it did not fail to mobilize many people, including the relevant experts, journalists and even numerous onlookers. Who knows if the same thing could happen to some of us, just by making some excavations to work or due to some restructuring. What did this farmer discover on his land?

It emerges from the past, precisely from its soil: the farmer makes a colossal discovery

In the past there were those who discovered oil, some of them are treasure from past times and some are ancient or modern tombs. There is nothing awful here and nothing exciting. In fact, they appeared from under the ground Remains of a woolly mammoth. It is a huge proboscis, considered one of the ancestors of today’s elephants, that lived around it Between 4.8 million and 3,500 years ago. Its habitat was made up of places with lower temperatures.

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Giant skull found (photo from YouTube screenshot) –

And given that there are glacial currents that have brought permafrost and frost even to our latitudes, there are probably many rivers buried where we wouldn’t expect to find them. Giant Mystic Skeleton discovered In Michigan, USA, on a farm where the farmer was with his son. Suddenly they both noticed that something unusual was coming out of the ground. It was one of the ribs of the mammoth’s body. The two soon realized they were on to something special.

When did this mammoth live?

Mammoth tusks (photo from YouTube screenshot) –

And so specialists intervened with a heavy vehicle to extract what was still covered with earth. And I went out A complete mammoth skeleton. It is estimated that the animal lived more than 15,000 years ago or less. There also seem to be traces capable of proving that mammoths may have been victims of hunting of some primitive men.

This may open up potential new hypotheses regarding the presence of prehistoric groups in North America. And who knows That this mammoth never saw a comet that passed close to Earth at the same time as those enormous ancestors of today’s hippos.

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