He finds a sub about a fish

Australia loses faith in the ocean: a diver finds it around a fish

A woman lost her wedding ring while bathing in the ocean around an island Norfolk, 1.600 km a Nord est di Sydney, in Australia. It never crossed his mind that the Custodian of that jewel was around him 1000 dollars It would have been Small fish, Who was trapped the whole time with faith in his tiny body. It was to notice the animal Susan PryorDiving, he found faith while diving.

It was The Prior who, through social networks, launched the tam tam messages to try to understand who the ring belonged to. And so I managed to get back to Susie Quintal And her husband Nathan Reeves And the discovery that the disappearance of faith occurred during the Christmas holidays in 2020.

Looking for the ring

The couple made great efforts to search for the ring, but each search was in vain: they sought help from locals with metal detectors. Metal can only be removed by catching the fish in a net and gently removing it. Now the lady and her husband are waiting anxiously to see if their ring has been recovered. At the same time, the ring endangers the animal: in fact, the greater its growth, the greater the risk of metal being cut and injured.

Susan has seen many dives in the past Fish trapped in plastic, But not inEuro. “The metal can only be removed by catching fish in a net and gently removing it,” he told the newspaper. daily Mail.

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