He disappeared into thin air with $3.6 billion

In just two years, they collected 69 thousand Bitcoin on them AfriCrypt platform, then disappearing into the air. the brothers Amir e chief Kage, maybe two startups registered in South Africa the biggest Forgery at encryption From history, causing Ben lost track 3,6 billions In dollars, this is the total value of bitcoins on the platform at the time of their disappearance.

As I mentioned beforeBloomberg News Agency Last Wednesday in April one of the two brothers, Amir KageThe 17-year-old allegedly informed his clients that the company would be a victim of a hacker attack, asking them not to report to the authorities, so as not to hamper the process of recovering the lost funds.

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But investors worried about what happened decided to contact the law firm, Hanikom lawyers, From Cape town. Less than a week before this the same cryptocurrency platform employees notice Afriquept They have lost control of the operating system and in the meantime will be out of their own account withdrawn money To be converted to some services, making them real فعل It can no longer be tracked. In those same days, the Kage brothers started out of reachSo Hanekom’s lawyers decided to alert the South African police.

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a Similar scam It actually happened last year in South Africa even though it was only then 23mila Bitcoin. Platform mirror international trade Become the protagonist of a scam from $1.2 billionAs well as the 23,000 bitcoins in the fraudsters’ wallets. But Bloomberg warns of that State financial authority At the moment, it is not possible to initiate an investigation against companies like AfriCrypt, since Cryptocurrency assets are not considered financial products In South Africa.

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