“He didn’t want to meet me.” Zelensky blow


Zelensky: “In Ukraine, Lula wants to be a creator but so far he hasn’t wanted to meet me”

Interview by infobae So the Ukrainian president: “I think President Lula is trying to be original about this. And I think we should give him this chance, right? We can ask ourselves some very simple questions. First: Does the President of Brazil think a murderer should be convicted and imprisoned? That if the president had a chance he would say yes. Would you find time to answer that question? Well, you didn’t take the time to meet me, but maybe you will find time to answer that question.

Then I suppose you will answer very simply that the murderers, in your opinion, should be imprisoned. And if there are thousands of people killed in Ukraine, shouldn’t whoever ordered that go to jail? I think he would say, well, mass murderers are sadists, and therefore they should go to jail. Thus, if President Lula wants to be authentic, he can say that the court that Ukraine is proposing is not enough, but then President Lula must say: “I know how to put murderers behind bars without the need for a court.” Ukraine would welcome this advice from President Lula on how to speed up the process of putting Kremlin killers behind bars. We always support any innovation in the sense of law enforcement, we are all for it.”

The Brazilian Chamber “distorts” the Ministries of Environment and Indigenous Peoples

The new law marks another setback for Lula’s environmental agenda. The bill passed 337 in favor to 125 against and must be approved by the Senate today. The law takes land decisions away from the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, while the Rural Land Registry, a vital tool for halting deforestation, will be administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and no longer the Ministry of the Environment.

Eight years in prison for corruption of former Brazilian President Collor de Mello

The Supreme Court found him guilty of taking bribes in an investigation derived from Lava Gato, the Brazilian Manny Pulit who had already brought Lula to prison, and then pardoned him on a procedural technicality. Collor, 73, was found guilty of receiving 20 million reais (about 4 million euros) between 2010 and 2014, when he was a senator, for the “irregular conclusion of feasible contracts” between a construction company and a former subsidiary of Brazil’s Petrobras. oil giant. Collor will not go to jail yet because he still has appeals available, inexhaustible to those with VIP lawyers, from the Brazilian justice system.

Paolo Manzo, June 2, 2023

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