“He didn’t hire me, but he copied the idea.” Occur in the storm

Cecilia Mong, 22, designer, accused the talk Through a video on Tik Tok that he made two pairs of shoes from the new “Chuck Taylor National Parks” line by copying his ideas.

In the profile of the girl it is possible to see how the new product line of the American company undeniably resembles the work of Monge. However, suspicion becomes an accusation on the part of the designer, she says in 2019, the girl sent an application to Converse to be able to introduce it The theater. Obviously, there was also a pair of shoes included with the app that the company could have copied, according to The Girl’s Rebuild.“I wanted this position at any cost.”– Monge explains –“And I thought I would take the lead. I set up my own line from Converse to show them how much value I would bring to the company if they would hire me. It’s very common among designers.”

Unfortunately, however, the girl did not receive an answer until a year later via an automated email. However, after the girl saw, again on social media, the new line of shoes, in addition to being incredible, she tried to contact Converse directly. No answers yet. It was at that point that he decided to use social media. In just 4 hours, Tik Tok video reached 2.8 million views and nearly 1 million likes.

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The video compares the shoes she designed with her new Converse line. The wavy pattern and park-inspired colors appear in both.

“The training request did not ask me to draw a line inspired by the national parks. The idea was mine, and I sent it to the company in good faith.”The designer explained.

Transcript of Converse

The response from the company’s press office was not late and commented: “The concept and design of the shoe in question has been completed before we receive the order from the candidate.” Additionally, it has been added: “In October 2020, we launched the Chuck 70 design, inspired by Nor’easter storms. Everything was conceived and designed inApril 2019. The model was very successful, so we developed it in 2021 with a ‘Hybrid’ concept.

Words were not enough for the girl who stated that she preferred an apology and compensation.

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