“He called me right after SPAL’s goal”

Ferrara – “trump? He called me a few days ago and I’m on the field. He called me right after we scored. We’ve scored four goals all year, so God forbid I enjoy one of our goals for more than 35 seconds!So, chief SpalAnd Joe TacopinaHe joked about his relationship with the former president of the Arab Republic of Egypt United StateAnd Donald Trump. Speaking during the ‘Italian Football Podcast’, Ferrara’s number one spoke about his passion for the sport trump:”We had some discussions about SPAL, you know I’m here. soccer? He loves it but golf is his real passion. He is not a football fan, but he understands and loves sports“.

Tacopina ‘provokes’ Trump…on Inter

head of the Spal It tells the competitive spirit that motivates the former first number in White House He calls crap that would be exciting: “If you challenge him and say “You won’t win anything with Inter”, then Maybe he buys Inter to prove me wrongPhrase for debate: Just a joke or is there something else behind the scenes?

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