He builds a car for only $200

The YouTube Drew Pinsky He traveled to Ghana to say Kelvin’s story A teen and resident of Accra, Ghana, has aspirations of becoming a great auto mechanic and builds a car with his bare hands using scrap metal, spending up to $200.

An example of a circular economy

To the YouTuber, the idea was so “revolutionary and amazing” that he wanted to know more, to understand how a boy managed to make a working car out of the trash. Throughout the video, Kelvin, a teenager living on the outskirts of the Ghanaian capital, says he has used empty containers to make models or other small contraptions.

The car is his latest effort and proof of his skills as a mechanic. His family says they couldn’t afford another car for the boy to drive, so he built it himself. And as proud as the business is, the parents Acknowledge your anxiety when driving, Being a makeshift car, it lacks all major safety systems. But friends and people are excited, and his company has become very popular.

to build the car, Kelvin tubes used, barand other iron boards and items, resulting in it being a “car jumble”. The shock absorbers are those of a motorcycle, just as the engine comes from another two-wheeled vehicle. Although it is a temporary vehicle, on the one hand it signifies the boy’s talent, and on the other hand it can be made by recovering materials from other vehicles.


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