Have you had Covid? Watch Your Hands: Five Signs That Can Tell You

covid signs

Team Spector, who developed the ZOE app for Covid symptoms He stated that the condition of the nails could be an indication of recovery from Covid 19.

Nail health and Covid

Professor Tim Spector had already tweeted in May about five potential manicure differences that could be indicative of a coronavirus treatment.

A man of science is also a researcher Head of the ZOE Symptom Study App, and suggested his method of checking for healing: “Do your nails look weird? Covid nails become healthier as nails recover after infection and growth resumes, leaving a clear streak.”

5 signs of recovery

No study supports this intuition, only some empirical observations: “Currently, Available evidence suggests that there is no association between the severity of Covid-19 infection and the type or extent of nail changes.”

But according to Professor Spector, there are 5 clear signs of recovery:

    • the horizontal lines Known as “Mies’ lines” or “Bio’s lines,” these are the grooves that remain on the nail after a viral illness.
    • Even the grooves On nails, about 5 mm from the nail bed, a common indicator.
    • There may also be some Crescent moon red.covid signs
    • And always remaining on the color contrast, The tips of the nails may turn orange.
    • In the end, the nail liftOnychomadesis, which is the loss of a nail from the root without any pain or swelling.

Dermatologists are examining this theory to see if it really exists The relationship between nail health and SARS-CoV-2 infectionThe virus responsible for Covid 19.

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