Have we reached the end of covid? What the UK and Israel data say

We are really close to end of covid? On the other hand, the data coming from United kingdom Optimism also leaked from the usually cautious rooms in the World Health Organization, and on the other hand the news coming from Israel They will not bode well.

Let’s see what the good news is first. in the UK David Nabarro, the head of the World Health Organization Covid, we’re starting to peek at ‘llight at the end of the tunnel”.

In fact, across the channel, in one week Injuries decreased by 40%So much so that the ever-shaky Boris Johnson government has announced that the few restrictive measures still in effect will soon be lifted.

Despite sudden spikes due to Omicron in recent weeks, Johnson, even in the midst of the storm caused by the events of the Downing Street concerts, has resisted pressure from scholars and business who have called in vain for tougher anti-Covid rules.

London, so strong with the good performance of the third dose campaign, will soon say goodbye to the quarantine obligation of Covid-positives and the green lane to enter the disco, withWho is the Confident the UK can put the pandemic behind it.

In Israel, the end of Covid is not near

Unlike the United Kingdom, those who come from Israel It doesn’t seem like good news. Although the management Fourth dose For the vulnerable and those over the age of 60, infections and hospitalizations are back on the rise.

The past two days occurred in Israel Nearly 130,000 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded In general, with this fifth wave what does Increased hospital admissionBut fortunately, mortality is stable even among those who took the fourth dose.

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The vaccine is excellent against alpha and delta variants, but not enough for omicron” I confess Jelly Regev YoshiDirector of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv who conducted the studies on the effects of the fourth dose.

Thus the Israeli doctor ruled that “We now know that the level of antibodies needed to protect and not infect an omicron is probably too high for a vaccine, even if it’s a good vaccine.“.

Between the enthusiasm for the situation in the UK and the bad data coming from Israel, the hint is that the truth may be in the middle: Unfortunately, the end of Covid will not be so near but with high vaccination coverage and standardized preparation to this Against Omicron that should arrive in the spring, until the end of this year An epidemic can turn into an epidemic But perhaps, at least those most at risk will have to get a booster shot annually as is now done with the flu.

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