Have investigated Hellenic MeToo-

It is a pity that he cannot write this article. The ingredients were perfect for his pen. Greek journalist Giorgios Karivaz died in Gangster movie, in broad daylight in the bourgeois suburbs of Athens. Right on the sidewalk below the house. traditional. They were waiting for him, without a doubt. There were two of them and they wanted to kill him. Ten rounds mute nine millimeters. Escape, on a motorbike between homes, was very easy for such killers. Professional job. Someone might have been wearing a military jacket, but it’s a useless detail. Who knows where it will be hidden now. The chase by Greek police will be impressive as well, but hard to lead to anything. It would take someone like Karivaz to investigate, someone who took the bone and didn’t let go, even if he had to climb the ladder of responsibility up, toward the Temple of Power.

Who ordered the killing of Karivaz? Someone, obviously, was harassing the judicial reporter. Someone important enough to hire hit men. “They have decided to silence him,” his colleagues Spyros Levidiotis and Manolis Asariotis wrote in the online newspaper he founded,

Karivaz was a young star in the Greek press. A type of commissioner without a uniform, always immersed in black and court cases. His sources are legendary. “A friend at the police station told me …” “A voice inside the prosecution office tells me …” Some complaints testify to careful and honest excavation work, however, he also knew how to promote it. A career built by telling puzzles in a captivating way. She started thirty years ago on TV and never stopped becoming a known face in TV dining rooms. In recent years he was a professional husband with a broadcaster: she asked and worked as a spoiler, questioning the official facts.

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Married with one son, he investigated Greek #MeToo harassment casesAbout relations between some of the suspects and senior politicians. But he never said he felt threatened.

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