Has Sony removed “expiration dates” for games in its catalog? –

One of the weaknesses of subscription services is the fact that the games included in the catalog, at least in relation to usually third parties, are due to be removed sooner or later, so the fact that Sony seems to have Remove visible ‘expiration dates’ to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games It can represent an element of confusion and lack of transparency for users.

It may stem from a minor bug or an in-progress update in the PS5 and PS4 interface, but according to reports from Push Square, it also appears that “Last Chance to Play” or “Last Chance to Play” sectionlocated in the PlayStation Plus section of the console’s dashboard, no longer shows the exact dates that games will be removed from the catalog.

At the moment, Rez Infinite is shown on PS4 in the respective section, but even in this case Exact date of removal. If it wasn’t a temporary issue, it would be a significant shortcoming for users, who find themselves unable to tell how much time they have to play the different titles in the catalog.

Another example, as reported by the PS Play Twitter account, is the GTA Vice City Definitive Edition, which has an expiration date set in the Japanese PlayStation Blog on February 20, 2023 but now this information is not visible in the interface.

On the other hand, this is information that is never promoted even on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s competing service. Also in this case, the expiration date of the games is not known at any time, but this is reported regularly two weeks after the titles are removed from the catalog, both in the appropriate section of the console interface and in the application. And in official announcements via the blog.

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However, at this time, there seems to be no way to know the expiration dates of games in the PlayStation Plus catalog, unlike what was possible until recently.

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