Has Instagram become paid? Here’s the truth

Pay for subscription to exclusive content. This is a revolution Instagram Designed by the owner Mark Zuckerberg, freely inspired by social networks Only the fans, as it did with Facebook Messenger, which is identical to WhatsApp, and then purchased in 2014.

The news ran in many articles in the media and some newspapers, although it was initially thought that this could actually be a file. fake news This is not exactly the case. Not everyone will get paid on Instagram, but access to some content should be from some influencers. Testing began in the United States with the first 10 influencers to join the initiative. Here’s everything you need to know about the new frontier of Instagram And what changes for users.

Paid Instagram: How it works and what’s new

Instagram Paid For Account premium and exclusive content. This is the news of one of the most widely used social networks in the world. So the Meta group, after their success on Facebook, decided to offer a show on Instagram as well Subscriptions. A program that includes a form that “rewards” the most active profiles, provides a bonus for photos, videos and stories posted.

But before you worry, it’s good to know influencer accounts It will remain open and public, but fans will be able to support their favorite creators by paying for a subscription, and receiving it in return. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. A similar offer, if not the same as that of OnlyFans.

the Subscriptions It is one of the best ways to get a predictable income, just as the CEO of Instagram has explained Adam Mosseri In the posted video. However, Mosseri wanted to emphasize another important aspect of this new job, which is the ability to support micro-influencers who cannot always generate income despite their efforts to stand out.

Instagram Paid: Here’s the Exclusive Contents

So there are 3 main innovations of Content Creator and their followers. According to the first rumors, influencers, creators and bloggers will be able to create a profile Subscription which can cost between $0.99 – $99.99, at the discretion of the content creator. Here’s what this exclusive content is:

  • direct to subscribers
  • Subscriber stories
  • badge for subscribers,

In the face of hundreds of comments, thanks to the badge, the influencer will be able to directly identify and prioritize those who have decided to support him/her. the Instagram badge They are not actually new, on the contrary they are tools that are already on the app and can be purchased while aliveat a cost of US$0.99-4.99. This way you can then support the activity of your favorite content creators. To subscribe to the contents, a dedicated button will be designed on the main page of the social network, under the bio.

Paid Instagram: How Much Influencers Will Earn

At the moment, the feature is only available in United States of America And only for a limited number of influencers and celebrities on the web. However, in the coming months, more and more profiles can be shared. Furthermore, Meta has decided, at least until 2023, not to collect any percentage of Instagram subscriptions. So for a year, influencers will be able to earn 100% of the revenue from subscriptions.

Then, as it did for Facebook subscriptions, Meta should start withholding 30% of revenue. The company also said it has invested $1 billion for this new job. However, a final consideration must be made on this matter.

Advertising on Instagram, as in other social networks, has always been the main source of income for creators. So it is not certain that the economic model will be completely upset by this revolution.

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