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Other signs of concern about Queen Elizabeth’s health: Harry and Meghan are also on their way to Scotland

Even Harry and Meghan in the Queen’s bed (Instagram photo)

Plans change Harry and Meghan Marklewho decided to pause their activities to run alongside a bed Queen Elizabeth: The latest rumors confirm this.
Even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not want to refrain from approaching the beloved king, whose health conditions seem to be getting worse with each passing moment.

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Is Queen Elizabeth’s health deteriorating?

It now appears that Queen Elizabeth is dying slowly and peacefully after a long and eventful life. Doctors alarm rally the whole family: About the Queen, who has chosen to retire to a castle Balmoral To receive the medical treatment he needs, his children are already there.

Meghan Markle and the Queen
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth (Facebook)

In addition to the Prince of Wales, the future eldest and greatest king CharlesHe arrived at the castle with his beloved wife CamilaIn fact, the Duke of York has already arrived in Scotland AndrewA princess IEarl of Wessex Edward.

As for the beloved grandchildren, the tabloids reported that William She had hastily dropped her children to school and immediately set off to her beloved grandmother’s bed. While the news was in the last hour, even Harry and Meghan, who have now lived in the US since deciding to step back from their royal commitments in 2020, are already on their way to join the rest of the family.

A real sudden change of plans for the Dukes of Sussex, who in recent days have been traveling to Europe: on Monday 5 September they were in Manchester, where they attended the One Young World Summit, and then moved to Germany to participate in the Invictus Games. They were supposed to attend the WellChild Awards in London today, but news about the Queen’s health immediately changed his mind.

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