Hardline Apple: Banned the use of GPT Chat for its employees | The reason is really confusing

Apple says to stop using ChatGPT for its employees –

Companies continue to require their employees not to use ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI. The most recent chronological order is Apple, which along with its conversational AI also banned the use of GitHub’s Copilot, which is left behind by the hand of Microsoft. Fear is the provision of private information about the state of internal processes. This news follows the announcement of the first ChatGPT app on iOS.

The topic of artificial intelligence has been on hold for months, and it reappears practically every day. The world is full of experts and trusted voices that are interesting to listen to in order to understand how they decide to tackle the innovations brought about by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, there are those who argue that the future with artificial intelligence will be brighter and open up endless and unlimited possibilities.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that Artificial intelligence must be regulated Before it was even widely used, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman himself confirmed to the US Senate. However, others still argue that Artificial intelligence is very dangerous. Of course, as in all things, The truth lies in the middle. What seems more important now is be able to reduce the possibility of misuse of generative artificial intelligence, especially given the amount of fake news it can transmit to our social networks.

Apple prohibits ChatGPT for employees but offers it to its users

However, the potential of AI is really significant and it can do that It helps to significantly improve well-being human society. Experts’ words should always be taken with a grain of salt, of course. On the other hand, they themselves are interested in what they say and do. However, if we want to base ourselves on facts – Not with words – It turns out that the truth is very disturbing, at least from the users’ privacy standpoint. In Italy, ChatGPT has been blocked by the guarantor until it complies with current privacy protection regulations.

From iPhone Alternatively, you can download the ChatGPT app –

However, large companies are not limited to this. Apple just banned its use OpenAI algorithm to its employeesas they have already done JPMorganAnd Amazon And Verizon, among others. Fear is that Sharing confidential information with competing companies. Tim Cook also forbade employees to rely on it GitHub assistantwhich refers to Microsoft. Given that, on the other hand, Apple has announced the arrival of ChatGPT on iOS, it is legitimate to ask: Why this difference in behaviour towards employees and users?

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