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According to Shakespeare, there is something rotten in Denmark, or at least there was when he wrote “Hamlet”.

More than 400 years after those days, we can say that nowadays and especially in the future of the Kingdom of Denmark, there is also tennis thanks to a 19-year-old boy who looks a lot like the protagonist Titanic, if we had not watched the movie so many times we would have been inclined to think that Jack Crawford came out unscathed from the depths of the Atlantic.

We refer to Holger Vitus Nodskov runesranked 40 in the world rankings, will take the field tonight in Paris to face Hugo Gaston in the third round.

Will Ron be the player who will be able to challenge Carlos Alcaraz and give life in the next few decades – perhaps in the company of Jannik Sinner and Lorenzo Musetti – to an epic at the height of that saga that Federer and Nadal gave birth to Djokovic and Murray 15 years ago?

We wish that for tennis, but at the moment we feel only to say that he seems to us a good player, with a great temper, who is studying to become a champion.

Where does young Holger study? He studies in the small country of high civilization mentioned at the beginning of the article and of six million inhabitants, which in past centuries gave birth to outstanding writers and philosophers, but which always lacked tennis players.

Caroline Wozniacki – No. 1 in women’s tennis between 2010 and 2012 – is the classic exception to the rule.

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But what will Ron answer to the new Farinata degli Uberti, who will ask him: “Who else is the greatest of you?” Or, to put it in prose, “Who were your ancestors?”

Even though Ron didn’t ask us, we let him respond to him.

Holger Ron He is the Danish player who has made him higher in the singles rankings since the ATP introduced him in 1973.

Scrolling back in the family album of Danish tennis, right behind him, we found a name that didn’t seem new to us, the name Kenneth Carlsen (but maybe we’re confused with the Devil, aka Kent Carlson) who in June of 1993 on the round of 16 wave reached in Australia to number 41.

Carlsen is the only Dane besides Ron – who won his first in Munich in May – to have won the ATP Championships and most wins to date: 3.

In addition to Ron and Carlsen, the only Danish players who managed to enter the world’s top 100 in singles were Christian Bliss (65) and Fredrik Vetterlein (75) and a player we will discuss at the end of the article.

However, Denmark is proud of the 2012 Wimbledon doubles champion, Fredrik Nielsen.

His uncle Kurt was unable to attend Frederick’s victory because he had died the previous year. And who knows how many feelings and memories crossed Kurt Nielsen’s heart that day when he saw his nephew playing on the same court he played and losing the singles final in 1953 and 1955, first against Vic Sixas and then against Tony Trabert.

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Kurt Nielsen in light of the results He is the strongest tennis player Denmark has ever known. To stay with the Big Four, in addition to the Wimbledon finals mentioned above, Nielsen has reached the US Open quarter-finals once and five times in the round of 16 for Roland Garros.

He never played in the Australian Open and He never wanted to join the professional circle.

Yan Lesley was almost as strong as he defeated Clark Graebner in the 1967 US Open semi-finals.

We promised to mention at the end of the article the name of the fifth Dane who was able to reach the top 100 in the open era.

Faithful to the promise, we declare his name: Ulrich turbine, He and his brother Jürgen in the memories of our director formed a couple of hippies Antilyram.

Ulrich was the longevity champion of tennis. In 1968 at the age of 40, he reached the round of 16 of the US Open, playing at number 96 in the ATP rankings at age 45.

However, this is not why we keep him last but not least, but because he is the father of Lars Ulrich; Lars Ulrich is the founder and drummer of one of the most important bands on the international rock scene for the past 40 years, the band Metallica and fellow countryman Holger Ron: both are actually the sons of Gentofte.

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