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Amazon continues to offer advanced solutions to its customers: Here’s the company’s new idea for exchanging Christmas gifts

It seems that yesterday we were still under the canopy, lying on a sunbed on the beach. But the first cold days reminded us that although summer has recently ended, In just two months it will be Christmas.

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According to tradition, the 24th and 25th of December will be dedicated to Exchange of greetings and gifts between family and friends. In recent years, thanks to technology and also due to the epidemic that often does not allow us to celebrate together, the number of Gifts made online and sent directly to your home of people. from the public.

Amazon As always, it dominates when it comes to online shopping, and this year I decided to offer one new possibility For all those who decide to buy a Christmas gift directly on their website or app.

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Amazon, the big news for sending Christmas gifts: How it works

As Engadget reported, in fact, all users subscribing to the Prime service will be able to Send a Christmas gift Or generally a product for a friend Without having to know the address anymore.

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Sending the package to the friend’s (or family) residence will be enough Enter their email address or even their phone number. You may be wondering how the product can reach its destination at this point and above all how to use this innovative function.

Simply select the product and select “Add Gift Receipt for Easy Return”: at this point you will be directed to the cashier and select Allow the recipient to provide their address. Amazon will then send a notification to the recipient, in the form of an email or text message, where the user can enter their home address to receive the gift.

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What if the gift does not satisfy you? Changing it will be very simple. The recipient can actually exchange the item for a gift voucher of the equivalent amount, all without the knowledge of the sender.

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However, for this to work, the recipient must also have a file Amazon account. The feature is currently available in the US, but will soon be rolling out worldwide. In short, not exactly the classic “Santa Claus” delivery, but definitely a new way of sending a gift that also offers instant exchange. Are you going to use it at Christmas?

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