Hamilton’s World Cup candidate

Max Verstappen After the Turkish Grand Prix returns as world championship leader, the Dutchman has six points ahead of Hamilton in six races by the end of the 2021 Formula 1 championship. But despite the overtaking, the Red Bull driver says Mercedes is a stronger support. Verstappen is perhaps disingenuous given that Red Bull appears to be stronger than Mercedes in four of the last six episodes.

Six is ​​not the perfect number. But it’s the number that Max Verstappen e Lewis Hamilton. Because six players are still playing in the 2021 World Cup and six points is the advantage of the Dutchman, who returned to the front after the Turkish race. It is almost needless to say that F1 fans will be enjoying the end of an amazing season, as for the first time in many years, the title will be contested by drivers from different teams, but with many uncomfortable thirds that could tip the scales aside. or the other. The unknown is just not on track, because rain and strategies will be just as important, as far as reliability and penalties. Verstappen is back to the front and is the favourite, with more wins (7 to 5) and more poles than Hamilton, but he tries not to put pressure on his team and himself and says Mercedes is the favourite.

Mercedes ahead of Red Bull

Three races in the American continent (the United States, Mexico and Brazil), then three in the Middle East (Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi), and the head-to-head confrontations will continue for a long time, and hopefully it will end. Verstappen He does not feel favored and is trying to put pressure on the Mercedes team, which he still considers to be the strongest: “They were definitely faster in Turkey, we didn’t catch up with them and they had a margin in the rain. I think they could have moved on. It won’t be easy, but so far we’ve had a great season. Like I said, It won’t change my life to be the first or the secondI will always do my best. The best I have and I hope that will suffice. If not, I wouldn’t sleep any less.”

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In short, Hamilton is the favourite according to Verstappen who also gave the puck to Lewis at the US Grand Prix, which in recent years has been a hunting ground for Mercedes (only Raikkonen interrupted the winning streak): “Tire deterioration will also be important, in some circles we could be better, but in the United States they are the favourites”. The World Cup leader, however, does not say that Of the remaining six races, four appear to be in Red Bull’s favour, who won in the heights of Mexico and Brazil even when he wasn’t fighting for the title.

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Verstappen World Championship leader, Hamilton chases

Verstappen 262.5 points and Hamilton 256.5 points. There are six missing races so There are 156 points to award. There is a huge amount of room to retrieve and see other overrides at the top, but beware of the many variables and limiters, they may also be Bottas e Sergio Perez, the two teams, who disappointed in this second part of the season, but shone in Istanbul, the Finns won, the Mexican duel with Hamilton and put him behind him.

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