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Title: “Israel Uncovers Hamas Tunnel Network Under UN Agency in Gaza; UNRWA Denies Knowledge”

Israel has made a startling revelation as it recently exposed a network of Hamas tunnels buried beneath the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza City. These tunnels were found to be nearly 60 feet deep and stretched for half a mile, with one of the entrances located near a UNRWA school.

According to Israeli intelligence, the purpose of this underground network was to siphon off electricity from the UNRWA headquarters, directly supplying power to Hamas’ terror infrastructure. This discovery follows an ongoing investigation into UNRWA after it emerged that at least 12 staff members had taken part in a brutal Hamas terrorist attack back in October.

Upon further inspection, the Israeli military found a cache of weapons, including rifles, ammunition, grenades, and explosives inside the UNRWA headquarters. These findings have heightened concerns regarding UNRWA’s potential complicity in supporting or turning a blind eye to Hamas activities.

In response to these allegations, UNRWA has vehemently denied any knowledge of the tunnel or the Hamas facilities underground. The agency has called for an independent inquiry into the findings while criticizing Israel for supposedly failing to inform them about this new development.

UNRWA officials have suggested that the tunnel and powerline connection are likely recent developments, as the headquarters were evacuated following the exposure of staff involvement in the October terrorist attack. The agency insists that it was completely unaware of these clandestine activities taking place beneath their facilities.

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This revelation further highlights the complex and tense situation in Gaza, where underground networks are being exploited by Hamas for their malicious purposes. It also raises concerns about UNRWA’s ability to effectively monitor and manage its own territory, given the infiltration of Hamas within their premises.

As the investigation progresses, the international community eagerly awaits more information from both Israel and UNRWA. The implications of this discovery and the subsequent allegations against UNRWA have far-reaching consequences not only for the agency but also for the ongoing conflict in the region.

“The News Teller” will continue to closely monitor the developments surrounding this alarming discovery and provide updates as new details emerge.

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