Halo will change the engine and Microsoft will reorganize 343 Industries, says Bloomberg –

Jason Schreyer, well-known journalist for the bloombergcarried out a thorough investigation of the situation within 343 industrial companies, confirming rumors of a possibility Engine change for the series Hellobut reporting that the team is going through deep reorganization.

In this last aspect, there is no reason to be surprised, given the various news that have come out in the last period: within the nearly 10,000 layoffs that Microsoft has made recently, the video game sector has been partially affected but at the expense of mostly 343 industrieswhich suffered the largest number of staff cuts.

Although Xbox head Phil Spencer has reiterated that the team remains at the heart of any Halo project, it’s clear that there’s a major realignment process underway, which really began with the departure of Bonnie Ross and then continued with the return of Joseph Staten. to Xbox Publishing, as well as several other changes such as the departure of Kiki Wolfkill, who has also returned to other Xbox divisions.

According to Schreier’s compilation, layoffs in 343 industries will amount to the least 95 people, although the news is clearly not official. The report also says that the team will actually still be responsible for moving the Halo series forward, but potentially with new directors and developers.

Among the most important changes, however, is the engine change. According to the journalist, the team will abandon it Slipspace engine, or the graphics engine on which Halo Infinite is based and that has been built for years by 343 Industries. This derives from an older Halo engine that Bungie has already used, and while it scored excellent in terms of performance and gameplay feel in Halo Infinite as well, it would be difficult to use, and take much longer than expected to manage. These issues would have plagued the new content coming in, like it would be almost ready but slow down badly with such an engine.

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Therefore, Bloomberg will confirm this possibility Switch to Unreal Enginewhich could officially happen starting with a new multiplayer mode under development codenamed “Tatanka”, which could be a kind of battle royale, even if we’ve always stayed here on the rumors.

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