Halo weapons are available with Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event –

Fate 2 Celebrate in these hours Bonji’s 30th AnniversaryIt also provides access to special offers Weapons Taken From Halo, in addition to the many other initiatives that make up this particular festive event.

The 30th Anniversary Package Destiny 2 includes a new 6-player raid in which players have to travel to the Kingdom of the Nine to participate in various challenges, which give access to particularly rich rewards.

Destiny 2, Xur, and Starhorse take us to Bungie’s 30th anniversary event

These tests are introduced by Xur and a new character called Starhorse, who is basically a horse made of stars.

The rewards contain some weapons from Halo and other games from Bungie’s history: The Myth Claymore based on legend, in fact, a decoration for armor based on Marathon and also Halo weapons such as Magnum, combat rifle and energy swordTake up some of the most classic gear in the series, between Spartan and Elite.

Among the other bonuses of the 30th Anniversary Pack, there’s also access to a new Loot Cave inspired by the historical cosmodrome, which is also packed with treasure and loot to collect, as well as a three-player Grasp of Avarice dungeon, which invites guardians to unravel its meanders in search of rare armor.

To stay on topic, we’re also referring you to our special about 30 Years of Bungie with the Halo and Destiny developer story.

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