Halo Infinite, the campaign trailer finally shows the game’s only player –

infinite aura He came back to show himself today and did it with Video Focus on the element that a large number of users are probably waiting for, which is 1 player Campania From the new chapter exclusively for PC and Xbox, which reappears in the new look significantly improved compared to the public debut a year ago.

Remember that the first demo shown at E3 2020 sparked many criticisms of the technical side of the game, and it was considered that it did not live up to expectations, which prompted Microsoft and 343 Industries to reconsider the timing of the launch, trigger launch out of the game for one year.

The new Halo Infinite release date has been set forDecember 8, 2021 And at this point it should be respected, also considering that some elements such as the campaign in co-op and Forge mode will arrive later, while the multiplayer already looks in perfect condition, considering the good results achieved with the beta version.

The video released today makes a file Overview of several aspects From the Halo Infinite campaign, with montages of different sections and scenes also to show the different situations we could find ourselves in within the game, which seems to be really many and varied. 343 Industries regards it as the “biggest campaign” ever in the series, as well as the first organized campaign within a range open world.

Master Head Busy searching for Cortana and discovering what lies within the Zeta Halo, the vast setting where the events of Halo Infinite take place. In the video, you can see a variety of environments in which you can find yourself and the amount of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets that the Master Chief can use in his mission.

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So let’s see sections of exploration, bits of history, and clear firefights, both on foot and on various vehicles, as well as some special gameplay solutions for the new chapter, which is really impressive in scale.

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