Halo Infinite, listing photos leaked online –

infinite aura It returns to show itself, again through some leaks, in this case regarding Pictures that depict me Game menu 343 industries per Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.

Obviously, this is not official material, so its authenticity is still in doubt, but it certainly looks original. Since this material is still confidential, we cannot explicitly report it, but some pictures have been posted on imgur a this is the address.

The first picture shows what appears to be there main screen From the initial menu, with the Master Chief from behind in front of the new setting and typical options to continue the game, start a new one, load and more, in the classic style of the series also as used lines and general arrangement.

The second picture confirms the presence of skulls, a return item within Halo Infinite previously announced. These are items that can be found as collectibles but have an effect on the gameplay, if activated, they can modify some parameters of the game, as well as change the experience significantly.

Below we see a picture taken from the list on multiplayerWith the ability to access the mode editor, map, lobby options, and servers, once you select the “Custom Game” multiplayer mode, then an image appears to represent the initial menu.

The last picture could be a picture first choice Certainly, considering that among the options we find “Campaign”, “Multiplayer”, “Academy”, “Custom Game” and “Forge”, emphasizing the various main sections of Halo Infinite in one initial selection.

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In Microsoft’s game and 343 Industries, the tea bag beta was shown to be just a bug, while the title was recently labeled, indicating an increasingly confirmed release in 2021.

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