Halo Infinite, campaign improvements in a video comparison with the 2020 version –

infinite aura He came back to show himself yesterday, especially in regards to country side, an item that fans have been especially waiting for ei improvements It was noticeable compared to the 2020 version, where this also stands out Video comparison Executed by ElAnalistaDeBits.

The video comparison is clearly partial, considering that the campaign trailer shown yesterday wasn’t an exact copy of the videos shown earlier, but some sequences were captured directly from some of the moments seen in the previous trailers, which still allows you to Make comparisons between two versions.

In addition to greater definition and a greater amount of detail, as well as a greater richness of the visual models in the narrative and cinematic moments of the break scenes, it is also possible to see some direct comparisons between moments Play Similar to those we saw earlier, the upgrade work done by 343 Industries stands out in a big way.

In external viewers, in particular, there is a file lighting system Completely executed with all the effects that follow, unlike what was visible in the E3 2020 campaign demo, but also the presentation of textures, effects, and the overall amount of visual detail in each scene is noticeably different.

All this stems not only from greater technical development of Graphics Halo Infinite, but also in some changes made in terms of artistic direction, increasing some details and improving certain rendering of surfaces and 3D models, all visible in both the exterior and interior scenes.

For the rest, from yesterday’s trailer we also saw something about the upgrade system and open-world elements, as well as the fact that Craig the brute is no longer around, with the greatly improved model.

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