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Australia between extreme heat and cold winter
Australia between extreme heat and cold winter

Australia is literally divided in two meteorologically. In the north of the country a field high pressureWith southeast winds coming in from the warm hinterland, it brings the usual summer temperatures. Darwin recorded the hottest day in 38 years As for the month of September with The temperature that touched 38 degrees Celsius At 1:46 p.m. on Tuesday 21st. The record was 37.7°C in September 1983. Let us remember that while autumn is with us and we have come from the summer season, in the Southern Hemisphere it is only the beginning of spring.

The same high pressure that led to a sharp heat rise in these areas is the engine Arctic and snowy air mass toward southeast Australia. This area was already affected at the beginning of the week by a cold air mass that led to a noticeable thermal drop. Rain, hail and even some weak local snow, usually in winter conditions. 72 mm of rain accumulated in Monte Dona Boang, (Vic), 45.8 mm in Val Perisher (New South Wales), 37.8 mm in Warburton (Vic) and 19.8 mm in North Boomerang (Tass). While in these hours we get a break from the bad weather, two more cold fronts are ready to hit the same area.

cold front first It will mostly affect Tasmania, and will mostly feature gale wind. A weather warning for strong winds has already been issued. second front Instead, it appears to be stronger and will affect not only Tasmania but also the southern regions of South Australia between Friday and Saturday. the last one The turbulent system will add strong winds, as well as rain and hail, with snowfall that can drop to 100-200 meters above sea level and some flakes driven by the wind reaching the sea.

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