“Half the population is at risk,” that’s the mosquitos to watch out for

related status Dengue virus worsened quickly, to the point thatfrom officially launchedWarning. The rate of dengue fever has been watched with renewed interest in Italy since the beginning of this month, precisely when there was an infection in our country. At the time, however, the anxiety was emphatically contained, because it was virus import. Despite this, the spread was contrary to expectations and is now considered to be the lowest Half of the population is at risk.

The real emergency is concentrated right now Argentinawhere they are already preparing this year 41,257 cases Of which 39 deaths. Thus, the rate of infection has grown significantly which is exactly equivalent to an increase of 48.4% compared to 2020. According to the Argentine Ministry of Health, all the samples studied were infected with the Denv-2 serotype, originally from Southeast Asia, which persisted until it was This year only traded in Peru and Brazil.

A few days ago, the World Health Organization launched an international alert, precisely because of the recording of infections caused by viruses transmitted by arthropods, including dengue fever (but also Zika and Chingungunya). WHO estimates report on 390 million people It is affected worldwide, with an estimated annual number of infections from 100 to 400 million. However, the disease is of no concern to healthy people, as it resolves most of the time (in about two weeks) without causing harm. The focus is more on fragile subjectsFor example, people with cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Dengue virus in Italy, how it spreads, and what mosquitoes to watch out for

Dengue is not transmitted from person to person, but only through the bite of a mosquito that has previously bitten an infected person. Mostly mosquitoes carry the virusAedes aegypti (there Yellow fever mosquitoes) and theAedes albopictus (there Tiger mosquito).

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The yellow fever mosquito is the main vector of dengue and is found exclusively in tropics, so not in Italy. On the other hand, the tiger mosquito should not be underestimated, it has now spread boldly throughout southern Europe considering that the Italian climate is particularly conducive to the spread of dangerous mosquitoes.

Thus, the risk of a country is directly proportional to the presence of the vector mosquito. In light of this, the countries most at risk are:

  • Brazil;
  • Australia ;
  • Colombia;
  • Indonesia;
  • Vietnam.

In view of this, the Global Mosquito Program will be released in these regions in 2024 Genetically modified mosquitoescarriers of bacteria that prevent dengue infection, are able to protect up to 70 million people from this type of disease.

Dengue fever risks, prevention, treatment and vaccine

The best strategy for dealing with dengue infection is: protectionThere is no specific treatment for this virus. In most cases, patients who are already infected are treated with appropriate medications to relieve symptoms caused by the infection, such as antipyretics for fever. Therefore, prevention is an essential tool, especially to protect the most vulnerable people, for whom infection can have serious consequences.

Because of the way the infection occurs, prevention mainly consists of adopting strategies to avoid mosquito bites. Therefore, it is recommended to use insect repellents, suitable clothing and mosquito nets, as well as remove stagnant water and disinfect infected places. In any case, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved a new vaccine Specific that can cover a large part of the population, detailing from 4 years old up to the age of 3, through adulthood.

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