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Half of the UK’s politicians couldn’t answer this basic question

“If you toss a coin twice, what is the probability of getting a flip twice?” It may seem like a simple question, almost raw stats, but you will definitely be surprised when you find that It has embarrassed a large majority of politicians in the UK.

Just over 50% of UK politicians answered the question correctly. The answer is simple: the chance of getting a face by only one widow is 50%, while The chance of getting two heads is 25%. (By the way, when was currency invented?). Only 52% of the parliamentarians interviewed gave the correct answer, while 32% gave the wrong answer.

It may seem funny, but the situation has improved since a similar survey conducted in 2011. The same question was asked to 97 deputies and Only 40% of them were able to give the correct answer. It is also interesting to note that politicians who sat longer in Parliament were more likely to provide the correct answer than newly elected.

Statistical skills are essential for good decision making and effective control. While we are pleased to see that parliamentarians’ knowledge in this area appears to have improved, the survey results highlight the need to do more to ensure that our elected representatives have the statistical skills needed for the job.said Stian Westlake, managing director of the Royal Statistical Society who led the study.

By the way, did you know that AI has found the solution to a known statistical problem?

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