“Half of the citizens are immune” –

Vaccination measures and social distancing began to show their effects in the Russian capital, so the mayor of Moscow decided to ease the restrictive measures imposed on bars, restaurants and nightclubs that can remain open 24 hours a day. Half of Muscovites are now immune to the virus, according to health authorities. This would lead to a sharp drop in new infections. “It wasn’t more than 3,000 a day last week,” said Mayor Sobyanin with relief.

Yesterday, the lowest figure was 1,800 new cases, with half of the ICUs empty. Vaccinations using Sputnik V They advance very quickly in Moscow, while they continue to proceed with some difficulty in some areas of the country where doses do not arrive regularly. This while large amounts of medication Shipped regularly abroadFor the countries that have reserved them.

Thus, while the situation in Moscow is described as reassuringCases remain several, all over Russia, approximately 18 thousand. However, this number is the lowest since the end of October. Until yesterday in the capital, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues had to be closed from 11 PM until 6 AM. As of today, the corporate commitment to have at least 30% of employees working remotely is also missing. It will be necessary to continue using masks in stores and on public transport, while public universities will also continue to study in distance until at least February 6.

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