Half a million for the outdoor area of ​​the gym

The plan for public works in the municipality of Vezzano has been approved: for the current year works are planned for one million nine hundred thousand euros, for next year’s works for one million two hundred thousand euros. In the programme, great attention is paid to hamlets, road maintenance and regional safety, but also to the population in the first place. On the list for the next two years there is an intervention to make the section of road in Querciola in Valeriano safe at a cost of €122,000 Arrangement of the green area, also in Valeriano, for €255,000 €100,000 Restoration of the Botagna park, but the bulk of the commitment is divided between completing the outdoor space For the municipal gymnasium of Prati which will cost 585 thousand euros and the hydrogeological risk mitigation in Fornola 520 thousand euros. There are 40,000 euros set aside for garden maintenance, and 450,000 euros for street furniture and rest areas throughout the district. In terms of feasibility, the municipality intends to restore Via Don Menzoni by spending €150,000, €200,000 for the alternative viability of Via Aldo Moro ai Prati, €220,000 for the adaptation and subsequent completion of Via Valle. There is also the restoration of the Carabinieri barracks, a historic building on Vittorio Emanuele in Vezzano Inferiore, which needed urgent works, the cost of which is estimated at 80 thousand euros. For safety, the implementation of the Vezzano safe project, adherence to the video surveillance systems will cost 84 thousand euros, from which the contribution will be requested, but in the event that it does not arrive in the meantime, the municipality will take care of itself. Enclave to make the territory’s danger areas safe, especially where there are important buildings and major crossroads.

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