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In the eyes of Russian hackers, not only major institutions, but also local embassies end up: a nasty surprise indeed welcomed United States Consulate in Milanwhose official Twitter profile featured a post in which we see a Ukrainian flag “disguising” a flag with a Nazi swastika on it.

Compared to other similar cases that occurred since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this time The hacker came right away by identifying himself as a native of Kiev who was supportive of the Moscow cause. The caption reads “We know the truth,” followed by the Italian flag emoji.

A spokesman for the Consulate General of the United States in Milan, based in Via Principe Amedeo (Porta Venezia district), acknowledged the problem, which was resolved within a few hours by removing the offending post.

Hack attack on the US Consulate in Milan, post removed

in my home (Ukraine, ed.), Soldiers tie people to stakes and strip them because they speak Russian. This is good? Isn’t this fascism? Isn’t this Nazism?“.

So reads the continuation of the message from the hacker who hacked the Twitter profile of the US Consulate in Milan. According to experts, the post has gained 143 thousand views and 3.5 thousand likes..

In the official press release from the embassy, ​​the response to the computer intrusion was clear:

One year into the conflict, our commitment and the commitment of our allies and partners to Ukraine has not wavered We will continue to support Ukraine for as long as necessary that struggle to defend its independence, integrity, and democratic values“.

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The attack also comes a few weeks after the opening of the photography exhibition “Ukraine, Stories of Resistance”, which is organized by the Consulate itself in cooperation with the Ukrainian Consulate and the Municipality of Milan. Another episode that testifies to how managers do Overseas nationals are increasingly being targeted To launch symbolic and influential messages.

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