Hacker Hacker on the San Carlo group, the potato chip giant does not pay the ransom and denounces

Unpaid redemption

Conte Group International hackers attacked San Carlo, demanded a ransom, which the company did not pay. The hackers also attached a number of stolen documents, including invoices and scans of employee identification documents. Then it turned out that all the materials are original.

Conte “gang”

The Conti Group has been active for more than a year and has taken many actions against businesses, foundations, law enforcement agencies, hospitals and emergency services, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The “gang” always uses ransomware technology and demands a ransom to return the stolen data.

In May, the Irish National Order was struck

In May, in Ireland, hackers from Conti’s group blocked the NHS’s computer network, causing appointments to be canceled, X-ray analysis centers closed and Covid tests delayed. The FBI has linked Conte’s gang to more than 400 cyber attacks on organizations around the world, three-quarters of them in the United States, with claims of up to $40 million.

Iran, hackers expose Khamenei’s phone number to distributors A hacker attack on the government system that regulates fuel subsidies has shut down fuel stations in Iran. An Iranian government television account circulated online images of long lines of cars waiting to fill in Tehran. Everyone who entered the government card for refueling at the distributors saw the inscription “Cyber ​​attack 64411”, the phone number of the office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

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