Hacker attacks, record 2021

(Teleborsa) – hacker activities They had one Great intensity in 2021, anno where the number of Italian users who received a year’s notice increased by +48.7%cyber attackDamage to their personal data. In particular, the data refers to alerts about information on the dark web (a group of web environments that do not appear through normal Internet browsing activities and require specific browsers or targeted searches).

In general, the number of alerts referring to data collected in The dark web was 1.8 million in 2021, up +57.9% Compared to 2020. More than 150,000 were sent with reference to reports on the open web, + 16.4% compared to 2020.

The great importance of this problem is confirmed by the fact that cybersecurity National Recovery and Resilience Plan It anticipates investments in Mission 1 of €623 million (from 2021 to 2024), aimed at strengthening our country’s defenses against cybercrime risks starting with the implementation of the National Cybersecurity Continent (PSNC).

Here are some clues that emerged from the latest update Cyber ​​Observatory established by CRIF, Which aims to analyze the vulnerability of people and companies to cyber-attacks and to explain the main trends related to data displayed in open web and dark web environments, the type of information, regions in which data traffic is concentrated and the countries most exposed, as well as to provide some ideas for dealing with cyber risks in an informed manner.

The stolen information can be used for various purposes, for example to enter the accounts of victims, and to use the services in some way Abuse, extortion or theft of money.

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According to what appears from the CRIF Cyber ​​observatory, it appears that the personal data of Italian users who mainly trade on the dark web are Email credentials, In second, phone number. This valuable data can be used to attempt to commit fraud, for example through Phishing or phishing scam. Furthermore, it is worth noting that tax codes discovered on the dark web have grown +51% in the last year of monitoring.

In absolute terms, the password pThey are among the unnecessarily circulated secret information: they are often combinations of numbers and letters, even very simple ones (at the top is the sequence 123456 followed by 123456789 and the word “password”) so it’s very easy for hackers to be able to figure it out.

Looking at the most common passwords found on the dark web, for Italy we find suitable names such as “Andrea”, “Francesco” and “Alessandro”, the names of football teams such as “Juventus” and “Napoli”, Which indicates the lack of attention that many users devote to these aspects, unaware of the risks they can be exposed to.

In 2021, the prevalence of exchanges on the dark web should be noted dhacked account credentials, Very valuable data for hackers. In general, accounts linked to entertainment sites (especially online games and dating) remain the most vulnerable to personal data theft, with 48.6% of the total cases. It is also a phenomenon driven by the fact that esports (online games at a competitive and organized level) are constantly growing and platforms require paid subscriptions, and thus the risk of economic losses for victims. in second placeAnd the theft of accounts on forums and websites (22.9%).

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service tracking flowWith 15.5% of accounts discovered, again the risk of theft could have direct economic consequences for the victims. While social media account theft (11.4% of cases) can lead to fraud and identity theft attempts.

Looking at the ranking of the countries most affected by the phenomenon of online email and password theft, we find at the top The United States of America, Russia, France and Germany, followed by the United Kingdom and Italy, which is ranked sixth overall, as in the previous year. Completed the top ten Poland, Brazil, India and Japan.

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