Hacker attack hits car tax: what happened

distancepirate attack Sunday night started, the entire Lazio regional machine was frozen. And we’re not just talking about booking vaccinations or medical visits, but also about paying a car tax that seems to be impossible at the moment. All computer systems in the area have been frozen and we still have to wait before reactivating them. Yesterday, the region’s president, Nicola Zingaretti, explained, at a press conference, that it will take some time before all services are restored and that priority will be given to health services.

All Lazio services are frozen

The main problem is that it seems that the entire backup system is affected by the computer virus. This means that if the data cannot be decrypted, the entire system and all data will have to be rewritten. At least for the time being, we’re back to using pen and paper as well for official documents, with significant delays ensuing. Forecasts speak of a pause of about a month, during which all services intended for citizens and businesses will stop, precisely because of virtual branches It will remain closed. As reported by Il Messaggero, an executive explained it “From a bureaucratic point of view, this cyber attack is 9/11…”.

It is impossible to even pay car tax

And if the main problems in the health sector are recorded, not only with regard to vaccinations, there will also be great inconvenience to simple activities, such as paying vaccination fees. car taxAnnual tax on car ownership. This tax varies according to the area of ​​affiliation and the rules established by it. In fact, during the pandemic period, various local authorities have chosen to implement specific extensions or privileges for their citizens, in order to facilitate their payments.

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If there is a file premium Not occurring during the deadline, the car owner risks receiving a fine, which is calculated based on the days of delay. In some cases, it can also lead to foreclosure on the account, administrative detention of the vehicle and also, if the 3 year limit is exceeded, deregistration itself. If you try to access any online service for the Lazio region, including road tax for vehicles, the following message will appear: This page could not be reached. In all likelihood, due to the reason that many motorists will not be able to pay, an additional postponement will be scheduled.

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