Gurette in the La Reggia Designer Outlet, a mural for women’s empowerment

Selects the Reggia Designer port Gori, Internationally renowned urban artist, for a project that wants to combine art, fashion and social commitment.

From May 16 to 21, Gurette will be in the Designer Outlet spaces in Marcianise to create large-scale unmodified work. The subject of the work, which will only be revealed in the days immediately before the start of the work, will enrich the artist’s now famous human tribe, his strong and expressive tribes scattered throughout most of the world – from Europe to the United States, from Russia to China – and can be identified from Through the marks on the cheeks, the unmistakable signature of the artist. These are two red lines in the skin that evoke the magical and educational rituals of the African tribes, particularly the abstraction rituals that refer to the transition from childhood to adulthood and the individual’s entry into the tribe. For the artist, these signs have a strong communication value: “We all belong to one tribe – he explains – without distinction as to gender, race, religion, origin or age: the human tribe.”

For the Reggia Designer Outlet, Jorit chose a woman’s face in line with the larger project devoted to women’s empowerment that the McArthurGlen Center in Campania implements throughout 2021: not a random woman, but an incomparable style symbol, a symbol of liberation and non-compliance.

“We are particularly proud of the presence of the artist Guret and one of his works created for our audience in our spaces. The Reggia Designer Outlet has always been close to the art world and for several years has hosted artists from different fields with a strong connection to the region, ”explains Fabio Rinaldi, Director of the Reggia Center. “McArthurGlen strongly believes in the value of art and even more in the work of Jorit who for years, through his powerful murals, has been the spokesperson for a message of hope for a community detached from social hierarchies, economic inequality and gender biases.”


Gurette will be in the Reggia Designer Outlet spaces May 16-21, and will be painting a 3m by 2 custom-made artist.. Work will remain in the center permanently for the next six months, and at the end of which it will be donated to a non-profit organization active in the area identified by the Goreit Foundation.

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The McArthurGlen Group is a leading company, owner, developer and manager of retail outlets in Europe, founded by Kaempfer Partners in 1993. McArthurGlen, a leading retailer of retail outlets in Europe, has developed more than 695,000 square meters of retail space. . The company currently operates 26 McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in ten countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, with revenues in 2019 exceeding € 4.5 billion.

The malls are home to the most in-demand and exclusive luxury brands and over 90 million fashion-loving customers offer savings in a dynamic, high-quality shopping environment. In 2013, McArthurGlen became a joint venture between Kaempfer Partners and Simon Property Group Co. (Nyse Spg), the world leader and owner of the best destinations for shopping, dining and entertainment.

As part of its ongoing expansion project, McArthurGlen plans to open two new designer outlets in Paris-Giverny (France) and Remscheid (near the German cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf).

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